Hey there, I’m Karen and I’m about to become your new BFF (Best Fertility Friend).

I know what you’re going through. Trust me I’ve been there. Now 10 cycles of IVF in and with one beautiful daughter I’m here for you as you start this incredible journey.

So, here’s what we’re going to do…


I’m a multi-award winning HR Director and Exec Coach. I’m going to channel all of that experience into helping you balance your career and business with your IVF treatment. Because I know you still have a business to run, a job to do and a career to build.


We’re going to put together a wellbeing plan to help you maximise your chances of success. Think of me like your PT at the gym but our focus is on holistically improving your self-care and getting you that baby. I’m going to help you build your mental and physical strength to get through this.

Advice & Information

I’m going to be a trusted friend, someone you can confide in and talk to because I know it’s not always easy to talk to family and friends. I’ve been through it. I get it. You can talk to me. IVF can feel complicated and overwhelming so I’m going to help you navigate it.


To plan, to talk, to map it out and get yourself organised.

“Karen coached me during both rounds of IVF and I can honestly say she was amazing. I had a really busy senior job in a big company managing a large team during treatment and the last thing I wanted was for my team to know everything about what was going on, it was hard enough not being able to conceive naturally for years already and i needed someone experienced to talk to and to understand. Karen was there for me at every step and helped me work out how I could manage work, how to manage the incredible amount of strain it puts on everything, how to let work know about the appointments and when things didn’t work out the first time I don’t know what I would have done without her support. I continued to do well at work, but also did another round of IVF with Karen’s coaching, support and ability to listen when things got tough. This time the treatment was successful and I am so lucky to have an IVF baby. Karen also helped me through my pregnancy as it wasn’t plain sailing either! When you have gone through IVF it doesn’t just stop at the treatment, an IVF pregnancy holds lots of different emotions which she helped me through. Karen was such a great support and enabled me to keep a balance of treatment, work, relationships and life in tact during one of the hardest times of my life. She has been there, she knows, Karen gets it.”

AN, Human Resources Director

“My wife and I both run busy businesses and employ around 20 people in total. Like most couples, undergoing IVF treatment wasn't something we'd expected to have to do and so were wholly unprepared for it - it's hard to comprehend the physical and emotional impact but at least you can research it. There's little or no information out there to help you as either an employee or employer. Finding Karen and working with her to navigate this minefield was an absolute godsend. Her holistic, supporting and hands-on approach enabled us to manage what is a truly testing time for anyone giving us the physical and mental strength and practical toolkit we needed to undergo treatment whilst caring for ourselves and our businesses. After 20 months of IVF treatment we're now proud parents of a gorgeous 10-month old AND both still happily running our own businesses. Being brutally honest, I'm not sure either of these outcomes would have been possible without Karen's guidance and support. ALL businesses of all sizes should seek and implement her advice.”

MT, Company Director

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To plan, to talk, to map it out and get yourself organised.